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    How to start an indoor playground park and trampoline park?


    1. Ûndersykje de pleatslike konsumint merk situaasje en ûntwikkeling trend.

    2: Bepale de bedoeling om in winkel - lokaasje - gebiet en ynvestearringskaal te iepenjen.

    3: Finalisearje de ynvestearringskaal neffens de winkelsituaasje.

    5: Field ynspeksje fan it projekt lokaasje, te dwaan in wiidweidige beoardieling.

    6: Bepale de apparatuer oankeap kritearia.

    7. fine geskikte leveransiers en begjinne site design planning.

    8. begripe de apparatuer ymport prosedueres, en prosedueres.

    9. Site decoration, product transportation, installation.

    Indoor playground project from site selection, equipment procurement, operation need a large amount of investment. We suggest the investors shall better with following basic capabilities.

    1.love children, interested in children's play, early education business.

    2.Have a certain degree of investment ability.

    3. A sense of marketing, with a certain degree of management ability.

    4. In the local community has a certain base of social relations.

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    What is your indoor playground price per square meter?


    This is one of frequent asking questions for lots of customer. Why client ask such questions, please see below: For the children indoor playground cause of its low technology requirement and low entry threshold. In the past 5 to 10 years indoor soft playground park and trampoline park factories are springing up all over the country. Resulting in poor price competition, so many small factories calculate prices according to square meters, but they are not consider the quality of the product. There are several quality level of raw material. the poor quality its usage time is very short, there are frequent after sales feedback, like the sponge density is not enough, its not soft any more will cause safe problems while kids play, another issue is PVC leather wearing out. While parents saw such quality problems how they are reassuring bring children come to play? The price is based on what you want the park you like , a safe , rich one or a cheap, poor one.

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    Why shall i choose your company as our playground supplier?


    1.Our production line starts from year 2006, we have experienced and stable production line.

    2.10 years oversea sales experience, professional on product and oversea sales. Solve and reply all your questions on time.

    3. We have delivery team and agent for logistic service to help you handle import procedure.

    4.Professional design team, whom know the least new playground trends to make your dream park come true.

    5.Professional installation team, offer free installation guide or fly to your country to finish the playground install.

    6.We have operation and management system to help you operate your park and make more profits.

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    Do you need to charge separately for the design? Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?


    A:Design is not a separate charge, we will give you a rough sketch of the design according to the site, play function and idea demand, and modify it until you are satisfied, and then give it to the factory to make a quotation, and then place an order for payment, so there will not be unsatisfied with the situation of refund, you can rest assured that the consultation.

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    Do you ship to Malta, Libya,Egypt... etc ?


    This question are frequency asked by some client whom new to children playground equipment field. We have professional shipping and logistic service global available offer one stop complete delivery service. And we are not only product manufacturer also experienced on import & export service.

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    What is your product pricing?


    When come to indoor children playground price, its not simple reply on how much it cost.

    For most of indoor children playground equipment is customized project design according to your site measurement, the cost is based on the play functions.

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    What are the factors to consider in purchasing?


    1. priis

    The budget allocated for amusement equipment purchase is a crucial factor in determining the equipment selection. It is important to plan the purchase of amusement park equipment in a reasonable manner, ensuring that the budget allows for a combination of equipment that meets the needs of the park. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate the budget wisely.

    2.Equipment Manufacturers

    After purchasing the equipment, there are additional costs involved such as transportation, installation, review, and maintenance. These costs can significantly impact the overall expenses. Unless the amusement park developer has the resources to coordinate with multiple amusement equipment supply service providers, it is recommended to choose a reputable equipment manufacturer with extensive production experience. This ensures the comprehensiveness of the equipment and the stability of its quality.

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    What should be considered for wholesale play equipment?


    1.The environmental protection of the equipment 

    Today, parents are very concerned about the environment. If the wholesale amusement equipment can not meet the requirements of environmental protection, this kind of equipment often can not meet the parents, so when the business is not very good. At the same time to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the safety of the equipment should also be considered very seriously, the equipment should not have any hard materials, so that there will not be any safety problems in the process of use. 

    2.A full range of types 

    In the process of operation, often need a large number of equipment, so if you can complete the wholesale one-stop, not only very convenient, but also occupy a high advantage in price. And in the actual wholesale should also pay attention to the specific equipment to be fully functional, widely recognized by the public, play equipment installed to attract more children to entertainment.